Friday, March 9, 2012

“Negro Day” in The Netherlands. But is it funny?

Text on T-shirt:  Love your Negro
Black Dutch comedian Howard Komproe thought it was a good idea to have a Negro Day on March 9th. In Dutch the number 9 is pronounced as ‘negen’, so it rhymes with the Dutch word Neger, or in English Negro.

So he thought if you have a Warm Sweater day, a Redhead Day, or a woman’s day, why not have a Negro day. So Happy Negro day! But is it funny?

On his website he writes. "Our motto is, 'Love your Negro', on this day everyone may act as negro. Or at least the way most people think negroes behave. So for lunch, or breakfast go to KFC, get yourself a gold teeth, don't work hard, visit your mistress before you go home and don't be ashamed for your .....

Twitter your negro adventures, the best Negro tweets will win a unique Negro day T-shirt." He offers T-shirts with slogans as 'My father is a negro', 'My mother love negroes', 'I wish I was a negro' and a cliché Negro slogan.

He received a lot of negative responses and in a poll 59% of the readers of a large newspaper said they were not amused.

I know Howard. And sometimes he is funny, but this isn't one of his moments. Of course there is a sense of humour in this. And humour can be the perfect way to diffuse words, or situations, we feel uncomfortable with. But if he feels he can do some diffusing because he is black, then he is wrong.

I am sure he remembers the scene in one of Holland’s most popular TV shows where two Dutch female comedians showed one of their most favourite acts, the negro puppet.

In the program the women say they first planned to ride on a ostrich, but someone told them 'no', ride a on negro instead. The audiance was amused and Dutch host says, if find it very funny. I am sure Howard knows the show and the two Dutch women personally, since they are also comedians.

Check out the video.

My point is, if these scenes in a show are considered funny in the Netherlands, then a black person doesn't have to organise a Happy Negro Day for the Dutch public. So we don't need Howard Komproe, because obviously white Dutch comedians can do it themselves and have fun with it, their way.

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